National Program

National Program

2017-18 National Program 


The National Program is a competitive training program geared for Provincially and Nationally ranked players. Players in this Program are already ranked and competing in the U16 OTA Competitive tournament structure.

The program will provide a holistic training approach integrating Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical elements. Players should commit to 4 times a week, train a minimum of 14-18 hours per week, play a full tournament schedule and implement an off-court fitness program. 

The Program is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 4:30 to 6:30pm and will run between Monday September 11 2017 to Thursday June 21 2018.  You must be a Veneto Club member to partake in this program, membership fee is $175 per year and includes walk-on privileges for those who register 3 days or more. (please see online walk-on policy for details).

Cost for the program runs as follows:

All 4 Days = $8,200 plus HST

3 Days = $6,300 to $6,500 plus HST (depending on days chosen and availability)

2 Days = $4,300 to $4,600 plus HST (depending on days chosen and availability)

1 Day = $2,200 to $2,400 plus HST (depending on days chosen and availability)

Please Note the Following for all ATI Programs:

Advantage Tennis International reserves the right to refuse entry for any individual not deemed fit to be in the program based on various reasons. 

Statutory Holidays have been taken in to account when configuring the final prices for all programs. Payments can be made in 2 installments (September 1st and December 1st). The 2nd installment must be paid no later than December 1st 2017.

No make-up classes given for any missed classes

We will make every effort to have a 4-1 student to coach ratio in this program

Registration will first open to those looking at registering all 4 days on July 15th we will then and open registration to those interested in 3 days a week on August 1st 2017 (only if spots are still available).

Registration will then be open to 2-day a week registrants on August 15th (Only if spots are available) and then 1-day a week registrants on September 1st 2017 (only if spots are available).

Players must be evaluated by an ATI Coach to first admitted in to this program.

You will require a password to register for this program online.

There is a $100 plus HST academy fee when joining a program at the academy. (Includes academy gear and season-end evaluation).

We will not be running programs on the following holidays:

Thanksgiving - Monday October 10

Holiday Break – Saturday December 23 to Sunday January 7

Family Day - Monday February 19

March Break - Monday March 12 to Friday March 16

Easter Monday – Monday April 2

Victoria Day - Monday May 21